A starter kit supplied with the printer includes five sheets of A4 paper and enough dye to make five prints. We also found the menus to be very sluggish when printing TIFFs from a memory card. In the middle panel, we compare the P’s performance with a competing standalone inkjet printer, the Kodak Personal PictureMaker Both of these extreme close-ups were shot with multiple close-up lenses attached to an Olympus E 4 megapixel SLR we also had in-house for testing about the same time. Next to the Mode dial is a set of Access Indicators: Kaplan helped to determine overall editorial direction, managed staff, and shaped the editorial calendar.

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Printer: olympus P | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Inkjets may boast a broader color gamut range of reproducible colorsbut they never quite convince us that they’re olympus p-400 printer. Which generally have print times measured in many minutes in their highest-quality printing olympus p-400 printer.

He was almost as impressed with the image qualities as I, and even more with the look and feel of the prints. Then again though, given that the P sells for perhaps priner third the price of competing units, we’re probably lucky to have an LCD panel of any sort.

The interfaces vary between the PC and Macintosh applications, but the olympus p-400 printer options are available on both platforms. Card Mode The Card printing mode works with Olympus’ special printing card stock, which is perforated to create two or four post cards, depending on the paper stock you’re using. Many inkjet printers have poor black generation that tends to obscure subtle color differences in deep shadows. The P has a very informative olympus p-400 printer olympu, which should be beneficial to first time users.

One of the printeg exciting features of the P is that you can print directly from standard memory cards without going through a computer. Early market response has been good, and the P’s print quality certainly seems to live up to its dye-sub heritage. It’s also somewhat deficient in the extreme purples, a difficulty apparently olympus p-400 printer with many print devices.

Olympus P Specs – CNET

The actual paper size used by the Olympus P is A4, or 8. SmartMedia and PC Card slots for reading memory cards are on the right of the printer cover, with an eject button for removing the larger PC Cards. olympus p-400 printer

In the Number option box, use the left and right arrow olyjpus to olympus p-400 printer the number of images you want printed. The P uses a three-color cyan, magenta, yellow heat transfer process to produce its continuous-tone, dye-sublimation prints.

For more information about the P, contact Olympus America Inc. As we’re finding with most printers we test though, “print time” is subject to olympus p-400 printer interpretation. The Image Adjustment menu provides minor image-editing tools to fine-tune sharpness, gamma, brightness, and contrast.

Olympus P-400

We loved being able to print olympus p-400 printer from any type of memory card, and the ability to choose from an wide range of page layouts and creative options. You can even print without a computer thanks to SmartMedia and PC Card slots, and preview and select which images to print beforehand using the LCD panel.

Faster autofocus on X or XE1 with 27mm f2. Note the very large scale of these macro shots though: Are Your Prints Too Dark?

Create new account Request new password. The right and left arrow keys scroll through the available images as they are displayed on the preview screen. The P also offers a Background Tile feature, which arranges small images in tile form over the entire background of the page. Color gradations are 24 bits 8 bits per olympus p-400 printer, levels to produce approximately It’s important to note though, that the 2-D plot above only shows the ultimate limits of the printer’s gamut, and tells nothing about how olympus p-400 printer it does across the full tonal range.

Product Support

You’ll see the background go through a Registering process. The Mode dial has four olympus p-400 printer settings: In the middle panel, we compare the P’s performance with a competing standalone inkjet printer, the Kodak Personal PictureMaker The preview will show which image olympus p-400 printer selected and how many prints you want.

At pages, this manual uses a lot of illustrations to walk you through each function from start to finish. Using the left and right arrow buttons, scroll through the menu to choose either SmartMedia or PC Card. This is somewhat bad news for anyone wanting to just queue up images from Photoshop and let the printer crank away: Olympus p-400 printer Size options are available: Inkjet printers generally need to “dither” tiny dots of ink across a larger area to achieve smooth tonal gradations.