This website uses cookies. It looks more like a mobile phone charger than a laptop charger, which is great since you don’t have to lug an enormous power brick around. The laptop also ships with some 40 applications, which is arguably more than you’d get with a standard Windows laptop. Providing no build gremlins creep in, we suspect the RM Asus miniBook is destined for a huge user and fan base, and more importantly, this could be the way that Linux finally emerges into the UK education sector at user level in massive quantities. MS Windows XP comes pre-installed. Asus has stated that the smaller battery is “presently the standard battery supplied in the UK” and “the default standard battery pack for Asus Eee PC worldwide”.

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Asus Eee PC

The operating system is a custom Asus effort, built on the back of a Xandros installation of Linux. A downside of SSD storage flash memory is that an lc sector can be written only abouttimes. Lifting the display cover you find the amazingly small keyboard surface and even smaller touchpad resting below the recessed display and speakers. It excels as a mobile web saus and email platform, but it lacks sufficient storage and performance to really be a total notebook replacement.

The screen does not cover the entire space asus 701 eee pc the lid; instead it is flanked on the sides by stereo speakers, and above by the optional camera in the trim at the top. Check date values in: There are plenty of ports scattered around the machine. Although the screen asus 701 eee pc on the series is x, it has pixel mapping memory addressing which covers a virtual x desktop.

WiMAX is not currently supported. At by 35 by mm, it’s about the size of a hardback book, and weighs g.

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Windows XP Home Edition. It’s not for the power users, but it functions so well at this price that we’re beginning to wonder what we’re paying for in bigger notebooks.

At first I was unimpressed with the Asus 701 eee pc OS, and couldn’t imagine how The HA comes in three models. Preis gut Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Visit manufacturer site for details. The interface is quite intuitive and easy to navigate.

The Bad Cramped keyboard; lack of storage space; no optical drive. It also freed more screen real estate for other tasks, such asud web browsing or office applications, by allowing the user to move some things, like the top empty grey window frame area otherwise wasted off-screen. Fat-fingered users will have a hard time typing long documents, or making notes at speed, but don’t let that put you off — it’s fine for drafting short to medium-length text.

Archived from the original on 22 March Linux users who are inclined may find the Eee PC has more utility than what is immediately apparent to the asus 701 eee pc of us. There’s a new player in the extreme budget market, and this one isn’t intended for developing nations.

asus 701 eee pc

The has a rated battery life of 4. CNet For several months before its release, the Asus Eee PC was one of a handful of small, inexpensive PCs that had tech types buzzing with anticipation.

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In fact it is one of the few notebooks currently available that uses a solid state drive, even if it only has a 4GB capacity. But that’s asus 701 eee pc to detract from the Linux Eee PC and its all-in-one information processing package. On some asus 701 eee pc models this connector lacks the screws to secure it to the Eee PC, which some consider a safety precaution. The printer was convenient, produced clear and vibrant images and was very easy to use.

There was some controversy regarding the battery supplied with the EeePC For two hundred quid, it’s a perfect impulse buy for folk who love messing around with operating systems.

Archived from the original on 21 January The Eee PC doesn’t use a Microsoft operating system, which asus 701 eee pc part of the reason it’s so inexpensive. It’s not yet clear which configuration will be offered with Windows.

A similar panning effect can be achieved on other Linux systems using xrandr.