December 11, at 9: Any other suggestions…Please help!!! Mine was even easier than that, I just reseated the 20pin connector on the motherboard on a Dell Optiplex GX Safe bet all these things point to a power supply issue. Dell Docking Station saves you from the need to unplug and replug peripherals each time you take away

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September 2, at 7: After Dell screwed up and put clients name and DHL corrected it, replaced parts.

Motherboard connectors pinouts pinouts diagrams @ 01

Do all the checks mentioned in the thread, but remember this post. A simple straightening of the pins, a deep breath and hey ajdio computer boots ok. The new PSU does not boot, and I have the orange blinking light optiplex gx270 audio the old one still boots.

My blinking light problem turned out being my video card Blessings. Replaced fan in the power supply: Now, the fact that optiplex gx270 audio needed a new PSU is o;tiplex it fixed your issue. Chat with Ava Chat live with a representative. I checked all of the other stuff above.

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February 1, at 8: Sometimes it might go for an hour or two. When does the battery go back in? Want to thank everyone who posted useful info here. Dells orange blinky light this has just ooptiplex to happen to my works computer Optiplex gx270 audio gx so as I like to fiddle with things I opened up the case and found the hard drive to be very hot. Hey all, This is a great post optiplex gx270 audio I really appreciate you that took the time to share your solutions.

Drivers de video y audio para Dell OptiPlex GX260 con Windows 7

Optiplex gx270 audio removed the card and went to power the unit up but before I could do anything I looked and the unit has a flashing green power light as soon as plugged in. Did some unplugging of all usb cord turned of the power source by the switch on the back an turned off the moniter. Leads me to think it might be a device or driver, optiplex gx270 audio all the drivers seemed to check out.

The problem optipleex my monitor was no good…. Check those front USB ports! October 7, at 5: Remove the power cable, waited till green led on motherboard was off 2.

Thanks for the info. THe battery seems really warm but I dont know if that is a dell thing or not. I love you all.

September 30, at 8: Found the comments optiplex gx270 audio regarding bent USB pins. What do i do?

I had the flashing amber and the smell of electrical components burning. September 12, at 5: I plugged already the charger but still no lights appear.

I put in a new optiplex gx270 audio battery everything back to normal. Only the new power supplies fan would come on. Looks like ALL hardware problems lptiplex make the led flash orange, unlike home brewed PCs as they will behave differently depending on the trouble. The original one was A 02, watt. Instead of a slowly blinking amber light, I received a fast-blinking one. optiplex gx270 audio

I just have NO idea where the usb drives are. Overheating has always optiplex gx270 audio an issue with there systems and out company stop buying from them a long time ago. December 15, at 7: Also the button on the battery itself indicates the error described at FAQ37 mentioned above.

When i turn it on it loads optiplex gx270 audio and runs good fro a bout 2 minutes and then the monitor goes blank with a yellow light but the coputer is still running. December 29, at 5: December 11, at 9: March 5, at Unclip pressure mechanism and pull out and reseat processor.

August 24, at 9: I inspected the Optiplex GX and finally found an abnormality. I unplugged all USB attachments, still the same.

December optiplex gx270 audio, at 8: After reinstallation of the board, the computer booted right up. December 22, at 4: Most of the USB peripherals are still powered up. The power light on the front blinks. Simply customize your dream machine below – we’ll assemble it, test it and ship it optiplex gx270 audio you ready to Still orange light, but the lock light turned on.

Hope that helps someone.