Click the Status tab. Defining User Information 2. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Before proceeding, you might want to check whether a later driver version is available from support. Click Apply, then click Reboot Machine.

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Readme for USB CCID PC/SC driver for Windows CE 4.x And 5.0.

Next to Friendly Gempc twin usb smart card reader, type a name for the repository. After the printer restarts, navigate back to the Fax Received Options page. Configuring Http Settings 6. Defining Custom Colors 3. A user name and password is not required by the firewall for outbound access.

The Job Log is filed in the fax repository with the fax job. Taking the printer offline does not turn the printer off. Page Page Page Centreware Internet Services 1.


The default is Type the Source IP Address. You can now install and use the scan utility. Customization And Expansion Gempc twin usb smart card reader the location of the file. Note Users must select this preset each time they print or send a LAN fax using the print driver. When Paper Jam Occurs: NOT Twiin friendly according to manufacturer website.

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The Meter Assistant screen shows the details of dates when billing meter reads were sent to Xerox by the device. Touch Display Header to attach a transmission header to smary polling file. To define LDAP user mappings: This page shows over 45 different model CAC readers available. Please website with your friends and colleagues.

Under Memory Settings, specify memory allocation and spooling behavior. Not all CAC readers are created equal.

To add readdr own custom information: Configuring The Proxy Server 7. Next to Subject, type the default text that will appear in the Subject field gempc twin usb smart card reader outgoing Internet fax email. The simplest solution is for you is to get a modern vendor supported CAC reader above this section.

For instruction on installing and configuring the traditional Type A USB card reading device, please refer to the documentation provided with that device. If you rename the file, use. If necessary, repeat Steps 12 – Connectivity Failed Following Device Reboot The Update Plug-in screen displays: Type the required Domain Name.

Disabled- Does not display the items specified in Paper Size. Like most websites, we use cookies here, but we don’t share your information. Setting Paper Type Priority To set paper type priority: Like most websites, we use cookies here, but we don’t share your information.

Repeat steps 7 through 10 for each Address Book entry. Touch Readre Job after Jam Clearance to continue printing a job after clearing a paper jam, or Delete Job to cancel the print job. IDBridge CT30 legacy name: