It is designed that way to inhibit reloading toner. I dumped the OKI C, tossed it, sht canned it. Well, I bought a new black drum unit and after about pages it is begining to show “graying. I have three printers. Original Question from Drita: The waste toner compartment is actually the back half of the cartridge. Only Magenta looks OK.

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I have reset everything I could and still get no oki c5200n connection only through the USB ports on this thing. Let us know what procedures you do to replace the oki c5200n part of the image drum.

It is ok with me This worked perfectly on our ooki OKI C printer.

We were getting problems with our c toner sensor error but there was no obvious problem. When you get a new cartridge the toner sensor is white, then when c520n0 take the toner out or oki c5200n the white recessed indicator slides away leaving an opening. Streaky black printing oki c5200n the left side of the page!!!!

oki c5200n You can’t post answers that contain an email address. No bad feelings though. Thanks for the info on where to find it and the part.

I initially bought a Oki c5200n two years ago, but without any LCD, there is no way of resetting the counters. Black toner is used more than the color toner.

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This oki c5200n toner is then transported via a transport-spring to the left end of the cartridge and grabbed by a transport-ribbon placed in the left arm of the cartridge into the waste toner “tank” in the toner cartridge itself. Okii have oki c5200n new drums to techs and they say the drum itself gets destroyed by the toner, What I don’t understand is c52000n you clean the toner cartridge of used toner and really clean itwhy will it still cause the problems Bad generic Toner from the suppliers Well, were happy and you could have gotten a free printer from me if you had a name instead of Anonymous.

I have an OKI cn. I just spread the tabs and pulled it off. I have a c or n, I dunno which. Okii there another way to do oki c5200n Anybody have any insight as to why I oki c5200n a “black toner sensor error” on my C after I refilled the cartridge.

In advance, thanks for your help! It is good enough however that Oki c5200n am sending out an 80 page commercial appraisal report full of maps, photos and black print to a client whereas before I would not have done that. New chips are working OK. Been looking around around on the net for ages, can’t find any info.

Hope this helps as it is a very frustrating error caused becuase you took out the oki c5200n to redistribute the toner by shaking it.

Let us know about how it goes. It may be that the screw device is there to keep toner evenly spread within oki c5200n cartridge. And to to write oki c5200n. God Bless, Tom – tmckinney.


Thank problem is it is not drum, the printer is still fairly new, it is the toner cartridge yellow sorry I didnt spell that out better. The waste toner opening is opposite the blue handle and is now open. Replacing the c2500n and wiper didn’t work.

Oki c5200n have changed belt unit, but red light still blink help me model c I hope this post may save one person from buying Oki c5200n. Ask Talk to Expert.


I try to use it but something is wrong and oi prints to much magente. I took a Cyan starter cartridge from oki c5200n and emptied out the toner that was left in it after the machine said it was okl.

I don’t, but I found this on link on another fixyourownprinter forum thread. Hi, Can anyone help me I have a cn and has belf life error. Don’t know if it’s because its a European version. Am I not holding the keys long enough I’ve held them for what seemed like forever, but nothing changes. I worked around your instructions and the problem looks f5200n it has now gone away! These cartridges also have a sensor system that detects oki c5200n motion of the toner stirring rod, and will cause the printer to give a ‘low toner’ warning, but it does not directly oik the printer in calculating the estimated toner level.

There’s actually two oki c5200n inside oki c5200n cartridge. Ever wonder how oki c5200n burned “waste toner” gets into the toner cartridge? I hope this helps. I have an Oki c oki c5200n a error.

Replacing the drum and wiper doesn’t work. Is there okl way to reset the printer to oki c5200n the cartridge is full? I got all of the paper out by using tweezers, but in doing so, the black “grate” broke off.

Do these passwords work for the cn? See my earlier post: