Now you can access and replace the cooling fan if you have to. It might shock the motherboard and the battery will start charging. I have the presario f, and am ready to shoot-drop from a high building-burn it. Find the motherboard part number probably on a sticker in the memory compartment and google it. I want internet alays ON. I was afraid that by simply pressing it hard would cause something to break.

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Its still a presario f730us laptop for now, make sure place the coolant on the GPU, proccessor chip, etc. I controlled the temperatures with a IR temperature gun, Presario f730us think that this is very helpful in order to do it securely.

Hewlett Packard (HP) Network Drivers Download

ANy ideas on what might be causing presario f730us Sonny September 3, at This is a great resource for me. That helps to reduce the laptop tempurature, avoiding to overheat the GPU again. Will it run on the battery power only? Again, thanks in advance for any info. Replaced screen, still same problem. The solder used in laptop motherboards tends to degrade over time, becoming brittle and weak. I KNOW it presario f730us works though. After I installed two 2GB modules the laptop started properly.

Have a super day. It was turned off the night before and the next morning it would not turn on. No more trial and errors which might break parts and clips. God bless you all and have fun. I guess cause i smoke lol well it works perfect now thanks to you. Take a look at sticker in the memory compartment. Mike Searle June 23, presario f730us 2: The drive is fine, I removed it and attached it to another computer and it presario f730us fine.

Bill January 24, at 7: The bake was presario f730us last night. However, it appears that many, many people on the web have had this problem and found the only solution beside a new motherboard is to use a USB wifi adapter. Thankyou for your response. While they are on the presario f730us is spinning, but nothing else seems to be happening.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

Now it is beginning to lock up. The whole back is loose except for the area around presario f730us corner of the fan which seems to be held with presario f730us screw from above possibly under the key board?

I doubt that reconnecting the cable will fix the problem. I used the heating gun for 3.

So I redid it going for degrees this time and an intention to leave it for 10 minutes. On the home page where the volume is it shows the volume and it presario f730us has a red x on it.

A few sites mentioned bad joints on either the North Bridge or the Video CPU chip and some recommended presario f730us reflow of those connections or the whole motherboard. When presario f730us oven reaches the target temp, turn it off. I have a Presario F with a bad DC power jack.

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Also Solder will not stick after a while of being heated and cooled and either flux or fresh solder presario f730us be applied. Thanks a lot for this presario f730us guide! Steve’s Softsites August 30, at 6: Presario f730us, my compaq presario F has some trouble with powering up, When I press the power button, the blue light comes on. This would make you think that the new battery had some charge in it and eventually ran down which would make you think that there is a problem in the cir that allows the power supply to furnish power to the computer and also charge the battery.

The disk is almost full. Last week I got a Compaq Presario v with exactly same symptoms. Well after 3 weeks, the problem came back. Only one slot for it, so is there an up grade presario f730us battery presario f730us or something else I can do to extend battery life, which is about 1 hour? The motherboard has been removed. The system came on, wanted to use a restore point, and voila — back in business. My first instinct now was that the battery must be dead, but I was wrong again.

No lights, no fan sounds, nothing. Presario f730us not but depends on how much you pay for it. Is the cooling fan and heat sink one piece or can you replace just the fan. In presario f730us guide I explain how to disassemble a Compaq Presario F notebook.

I immediately copied all the presario f730us off both drives in case it was a temporary fix. For use with 90 watt 4. Since presario f730us old one was shot anyway, I figure I had nothing to lose besides a couple bucks for some new thermal compound. The Caps Lock and Num Lock lights would flash once every few seconds. However, I am not. Cooked it prdsario now dont know if its completely gubbed.