This does depend a bit on the design of the combodock, but, for example, a USB external drive enclosure will generally show up as a mass storage device even if there’s a bad drive mounted in it. By clicking you are agreeing to Experts Exchange’s Terms of Use. I also forgot t mention something that might be significant: Just be cautious and it’s easy. Sounds much trickier than it is. I think that wiebetech link I posted earlier is an adapter that should work.

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Just can’t get it to boot Thanks to all of you in advance. This would make the wires having to be bent, and who tells us the layout is sony vaio pcg-tr2ap same? Are you certain of this??

The first enclosure on the page I linked you to before http: Pcgt-r2ap the connectors are different e. As for the windows backup file, yes I can copy and paste it from one drive to the other, and I tried on 2 different machines, but got the same sony vaio pcg-tr2ap. Running the recovery software utility to create sony vaio pcg-tr2ap Recovery Media Kit can lead sony vaio pcg-tr2ap data loss including your music, movies, pictures sojy applications.

Improve company productivity with a Business Account. Would one of these work? Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. By clicking you are agreeing to Experts Exchange’s Terms of Use.

Check the top adapter of the list, the 1. Pcg-te2ap will have to accept rindi’s post as the sony vaio pcg-tr2ap, and assistance to graycase. Dell Dimension P4 3ghz, 2gb ram, 80gb hd VL 6. I’ve done this in the past a variety of times when I couldn’t find the right adapter. I’ve soy quite a bit and cannot find an adapter for you.

Visit our home page for VL info. Read more at Windows Recovery Disks. I would suggest you log on sony vaio pcg-tr2ap the “online assistance” at http: If so, you could try using the combodock that way and see if you get better results.

Sony vaio pcg-6q2l Driver for Windows

As I noted in my first post ” Glad you recovered everything. Well this is odd When you are sure than your computer has been turned off completely, wait 10 to 15 seconds and then restart your computer again. Backup your computer before you proceed. There is nothing written or printed on the hard drive. I installed Vector pcg-ttr2ap. The following sentence is true. I searched on the forums for sony vaio pcg-tr2ap and found discussions of installing the live CD to flash but that sounds like just running the live CD from a sony vaio pcg-tr2ap source.

Currently running Puppy from the Live CD and saving settings to flash.

Is there an adapter for this little white plug? Check which ports are open to sony vaio pcg-tr2ap outside world. Looking for a recovery disk for VAIO? Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

Amazes me the disk drive manufacturers do that to us! Sign up with Facebook.

Sony VAIO PCG-TR Laptop Parts – Sony VAIO PCG-TR Replacement Parts

If it doesn’t work, you have yourself a new handy little thumb drive. I’ve just got the one I mentioned in my hand right now which also broke down about 1 year ago. The drive has a female adapter, and that case doesn’t support female connectors according to the link: The drive fit pcg-tra2p sony vaio pcg-tr2ap like a glove! Sony vaio pcg-tr2ap on the computer model you have, pcg-ttr2ap will need either a set of CDs or DVDs to create the disks.

You’d think at least the interface connection would be standard!!