It also moves the base reference point to a different corner of the print area. It is used to automatically adjust the offset values for the size of label being used. Page 82 PN Rev. You also establish a base reference point of H2,V2. To print 2 sets each of the numbers on separate labels, we need 50 total labels. Printer Output A duplicate of the previous label will be printed.

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Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Command Function To select the top-of-label sensing method.

None PN Rev. Status Casues the printer to print the card status. This manual also sato cx208 Command Function To expand characters independently in both the horizontal and vertical directions. This command recalls a stored image from the overlay memory. Don’t have an account? To clear individual memory or buffer areas of the saho. The maximum length label that can be used with Forms Overlay is 7″ for the CX and sato cx208.

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Command Function To allow the ability to print sequential fields text, bar codes where all incrementing is done within sato cx208 printer. For this command, leading zeroes do not have to be entered.

Label Satl To sato cx208 the location of the first print line on the label. Page 82 PN Rev. Rotated Fields The following data stream will rotate the print field but will not change the base reference point of the field: It sets the print speed sato cx208 the printer to 3 inches per second.

Supported Labeling Printers

Print Darkness There is no printer output for this command. Graphics, Custom Using a dot-addressable matrix, design the graphic image in 8 dot by 8 sato cx208 blocks, then sato cx208 it in a binary format to the printer. Matrix of all Barcode Printers that Loftware supports.

Table Of Contents 4.

Supported Barcode Printers

Loftware supports Windows printing on thermal label printers, print and sato cx208 systems, line printers, page cutsheet printers, dot matrix printers, impact printers, and laser printers. Set Sensor Type To select the top-of-label sensing method. Install ribbon and media. Sato cx208 print the manual completely, please, download it.

Print Test Label 1. There is no printer output for this command. This command requires the Expanded Memory option.

Will not print if values of 01, 02 sato cx208 greater than 10 are specified. If the calibration is successful, the printer shall move paper to the next index mark and resume normal operations.

Supported Labeling Printers

To adjust the location of the first print line on the label. Sato cx208 command will have no effect if the power to the printer was cycled off and sato cx208 on since printing the previous label.

Character spacing may be altered through the use of the Character Pitch command. Instead, all printer configuration is done via software commands.

sato cx208 It is recommended that any changes be made judiciously as they can have a significant impact on print quality and bar code readability. It is recommended that you make it a practice to always enter leading zeros sato cx208 prevent any mistakes.

Printer Input Page Command Sato cx208 To saho an image from one location to another on the same label. Once this command is sent in the data stream, it is in effect until the end of the print job unless a reset command is sent. There sato cx208 no default font. Casues the printer to print the card status.