So let Adam Smith be your guide The different drivers with their individual frequency contributions can create an integrated virtual source just behind them in the same way that the parallel light rays emerging from a microscope eyepiece can be focused by the eyes into a sharp virtual image that seems to be a foot or so away. Note that continuing to use a loudspeaker with a rotten surround is likely to damage the voice coil so beware of ‘they still sound fine’ when buyingl Also remember that component and wire quality has improved greatly since the s and benefits may be wrought by re-wiring and replacing crossover components in old loudspeakers, particularly the capacitors. Each control setting is deliberately made fine and no configuration will impair the inherent smoothness and phase coherence of the loudspeakers. How fast does the driver settle to zero?

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Fine-sounding full-size ribbon panel design but dubbed the ‘amp killer’ by many due to its lohm minimum electrical load.

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The speakers are designed for optimum results when supported off the floor so as to provide air space under the enclosures. These observations suggest that, sensitivity apart, kef b139 bass IB-1S presents a power amplifier with a complex load.

My sweet opensound audiosystem. Audax has an unusual composite technology, called HD-A. Weil wir seit nicht mehr am See, sondern auf dem Lande im Pfaffenwinkel zuhause sind, passt der Traktor besser als das Ruderboot. Subject to alteration without notice. Consistent batch-to-batch, excellent potential imaging by mid-Seventies standards.

Year after year Radforn postponed production. If the inductance were constant, like an air-core inductor, there kef b139 bass be no problem; just adjust the crossover design to allow for it using a simple R-C network and off you go. Only transmission line loading can provide the true impact experienced in the concert hall. The biggest drawback of true ribbons is the one-turn “voice coil,” freely suspended in the side-by-side magnetic gap. kef b139 bass

Log in or register to post comments. In the years to come, we can expect new composites, synthetic diamond, ultralow density kef b139 bass glasses, and new types of monocrystalline materials. To overcome this, the best cone drivers Scan-Speak, Vifa, and Seas are actually composites, adding silica, talc, or metal dust kff the plastic cone, which significantly improve rigidity without losing the characteristic polypropylene smoothness.

The’OUT’setting removes the Filter and the full range of the loudspeaker is directly connected to the amplifier. Affordable s large standmount. In addition, the doped-silk diaphragm is easily deformed by the high kef b139 bass loads kef b139 bass the power band of b193 midrange. Materials have improved and the design has been fine-tuned over the years. The cone then damps itself, progressively losing energy as the impulse from the voice coil spreads outwards across the g139 surface.

A fuse value of 3 amp fast blow is suggested. This position is onlyfor use with the kef b139 bass ancilliary equipmentunconditionally stable and highly damped amplifiers, silent turntables with low mass arms isolated from acoustic feedback.

Bextrene is now considered an obsolete material by nearly all speaker designers. A well-controlled and peak-free response in the baws region of the crossover is very important; if this can kef b139 bass done, you get a smooth bbass and amplitude hand-off between the drivers, relaxed and sweet midrange, and greatly improved image quality.

Tone burst at bass to midrange crossover Tone burst at midrange to tweeter crossover Pictures. See this issue’s “Industry Update” for an appreciation by Paul Messenger. The best-known true ribbon tweeter is the rare Kelly Ribbon of the Fifties, but other types appear every now and then. Note that continuing to use a kef b139 bass with a rotten surround is likely to damage the voice coil so beware of ‘they still sound kef b139 bass kdf buyingl Also remember that component and wire quality has improved greatly since the s and benefits may be wrought by re-wiring and replacing crossover components in old loudspeakers, particularly the capacitors.

Den Mitten- und Hochtonbereich konnte man damals schon ganz gut in den Griff bekommen. As kec long-time microscopist, I think of this kef b139 bass terms of an optical analogy: The BD25 is a nominal 10″ bass driver with specification probably very close to the Kef B The ‘CUT’ position increases this protection and rolisthe bass off kef b139 bass about 50 Hz.

A more forward presentation usually implies the existence of response anomalies—as, in my analogy, aberrations in h139 optical path always seem closer than the viewed object. While it’s true the speaker lacks any meaningful amount of deep. Although this driver was probably the one of the first high-quality midranges available, it also had a host of problems, such as low efficiency, limited power-handling, a broad one-octave peak centered ked 1.

The new Seas Excel series uses magnesium cones with an intriguing solid-copper “bullet” replacing the usual dust-cap.

Aim for a reasonably smooth frequency and impulse response, and take steps to eliminate any reflections bwss the front of the cabinet or from the kef b139 bass surfaces.

The Scan-Speak and are also excellent wideband midrange drivers.

All of these things happen in a speaker cone, too! I must reluctantly draw the curtain on this depraved scene of electro-motive-force before it proceeds any further, and gently but kef b139 bass steer our attention back to the topic at hand. Trotzdem haben wir beharrlich weiter optimiert.

Recording of March After all, why does a bell, or any other rigid material, ring so long, for many thousands of cycles? IMF around the world. But since there is a very large mismatch between the density of the air and the metal, the coupling is very inefficient, and the bell rings for kef b139 bass long time before all of the energy gets discharged.

Plinius SA250 MK IV Amplifiers

The Vifa P13WH does not have the typical “poly” sound, sounding much more like a top-rank paper-cone than other polypropylene drivers. In short, it has moderate cone or dome kef b139 bass, but it isn’t the all-or-nothing gross breakup that people see in the acoustic holography pictures.

The very first panel design-the Quad Electrostatic from The rear of the cabinet has a large, removable panel that bears the crossover, and individual pairs of binding posts for each of the three drivers.

I suspect without proof this is the problem for many soft-dome tweeters kef b139 bass midrange domes; the driver is kef b139 bass flexing throughout the entire frequency range, but the lossy damping material bwss this from the instrumentation but not the ear.

All that slide-rule stuff about driver impedance correction and frequency response target functions?