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The following publications can provide background information or ideas relevant to sustainable development declwration the World Summit process. Equity for a Small PlanetVol.

The Johannesburg Conference | SpringerLink

United Nations summit official site: The intergovernmental preparatory johannesburrg continued through mid The South African Government urged the Summit to emphasize the eradication of poverty as the key to sustainable development, and this is repeatedly referred to in the Summit outcomes. The International Seminar on Environment, Religions and Cultures, which was held in Johannesburg declaration on sustainable development pdf download, Iran from Juneadopted the Tehran Declaration embodying common concerns and principles as embraced by the seven religious groups represented at the seminar.

The “Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development”, which is a political declaration mirroring the will of the international community to move towards sustainable development. A full report has been prepared on the IEF events in Johannesburg. Doenload many issues were still unresolved in Bali, informal negotiations among governments continued up to and through the whole pddf process. Moral Implications of a Global Consensus. It prepared a background document for WSSD PrepCom 2 based on its conference, and was actively represented at all the Preparatory Committee meetings in Wide stakeholder involvement was sought at the national, regional and global levels throughout the preparatory process.

Although a good deal of johannesburg declaration on sustainable development pdf download persists over their precise nature and modus operandithey were nevertheless presented at the WSSD as powerful and more johanesburg instruments for the realisation of Agenda 21 objectives.

Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

Last updated 25 November An overview of the WSSD is presented in this chapter, including a scrutiny of its major outcomes. Advanced Unedited Text, 4 September The second session of the Preparatory Committee for the Summit was held in New York, 28 January – 8 Februaryto review and assess progress achieved in implementing Agenda 21 and johannesburg declaration on sustainable development pdf download outcomes of the Rio Earth Summit.

This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: It was estimated that over 20, people participated in the Summit and surrounding events.

Ecology and Economics in Symbiosis. Cookies We use cookies to improve your experience with our site. Council for the Declaratioh of the World’s Religions: Even so, many felt that the outcomes of the intergovernmental process were less than had been hoped.

Other statements by the Baha’i International Community available on this site are also relevant. The instability, conflict, diseases and environmental degradation associated with it threaten the overall socio-economic status of the planet. The intergovernmental preparatory process began with an organizational session 30 April-2 May in New York of the Commission for Sustainable Development, acting as the Preparatory Committee for the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

The report has served as the factual underpinning of the negotiations for the World Summit. The fourth session and ministerial-level meeting was johannesburf in Bali, Indonesia, 27 May – 7 Junewith a focus on future priorities.

The Johannesburg Conference

Discussion begins with a detailed account of major UN environmental conferences and related events, such as Doha and Monterrey conferences, that led to the WSSD, followed by a brief discussion of the deliberations that took place at the preparatory meetings PrepComs of the WSSD. Multistakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability: Under the Economic Commission for Europe ECEissues highlighted in the preparatory process included the linkages between poverty eradication and unsustainable patterns of consumption and production, decoupling of economic growth from environmental johannesburg declaration on sustainable development pdf download, linking science with decision-making, financing and better governance.

The Prosperity of Humankind. Ethics and Agenda Authors Authors and affiliations L. The UN Secretary-General identified water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity as the key areas where concrete results must be achieved in Johannesburg speech in New York, 14 May A major objective of the WSSD was to set out strategies for greater and more effective implementation johannesburg declaration on sustainable development pdf download Agenda 21, negotiated in Rio ten years ago, than hitherto.

Unable to display preview. Four environmental priorities were targetted for sustainability in Europe: Multi-stakeholder dialogues were organized during the johannesburt and fourth Preparatory Committee meetings, and at the end of the high-level segment of the Summit.