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Its lively, up-to-date textsare taken from authentic sources, such as newspapers,magazines, brochures and books, and includeinterviews and radio programmes.

A Pvf we went to the cafeteria. Many of thesesections encourage students to refer to a dictionary,and a number of exercises are designed to showstudents how a dictionary can help specifically withexam tasks, as well as generally supporting theirlanguage learning, and helping them to become moreindependent learners. For fce result teacher book pdf download, there are a few tickets available forthe final day of fashion week. The sentence fce result teacher book pdf download the gap explains howBen used sound to navigate.

Teache found proper fce result pdf download link? Register now and use it for free. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Please use our Support page. Hismother hopes that this time it will prove moresuccessful. Keya in end of answer b opinion end of answer c the other contrast d in end of answer e same contrast f admit contrast g it end of answer h that contrast i in end of answer 4 Ask individual students to volunteer examples ofquestions they have written, and review them withthe whole class.

Allow about five minutes. For example, she wears old dressesthat she buys in second-hand shops — whereas we allwear jeans and T-shirts.

The symptom spread to fce result teacher book pdf download, although apparently the teachers were notaffected. Can you meet me at the port inone dce But now I do. Compare answers as a class before students checktheir ideas in 2. Keya nervous e ifb terrified f ideac imagine g mustd reesult h probably5 Students can discuss these points in pairs or smallgroups.

The new Online Skills Practice reinforces the work you do in class. I was sorryto hear that.

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If you have a monolingual class, you could letthem explain the difference in their own languagebefore they refer to their dictionary. A marking guide and sample answer areprovided. The answer to the questioncan be found in the first sentence of the report, butstudents should read fce result teacher book pdf download whole text to rseult theiranswer. Shall we goand see that? They should identify the use ofsimple and continuous forms in the examples.

fce result pdf shared files:

How about a talentshow? There is a short lead inquestion before students tackle the exam task andsometimes a short exercise based on the vocabularyin the text itself, although students are not encouragedto find out the precise meaning of all the words in thetext.

I even tried the armchair instead, but that was nobetter. Get them to note down relevantvocabulary not included in exercise 2. Suggested answersa The people in photo 1 are walking through thejungle. Join Date Jun Posts 5, Remind them that the second tip,about using appropriate reporting verbs and notjust said, was covered in exercise 3.

No notes for slide. I would hatebeing in that kind of climate. The Listening and Use of English sections give studentsfurther practice in exam task types.

Give them a time limit of about threeminutes for this warm-up discussion. Theyprovide a valuable progress check at regular intervalsand can be done in class or set for homework,depending on the time available.


Click download file button or Copy fce result pdf URL which shown in textarea when you clicked file title, and paste it into your browsers address bar. Speaker 4They must be feeling excited. Key1 B2 A3 A only children have no brothers or sisters.