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Sites provide replicationThere are 2 types of replications 1.

When we want to transfer some data from one system to another system. Data packets are transmitted only to the target computer instead of all. Centralized management applicationsCentralized security using NTFS permissionsEasy to administerEasy management downloav TS clientsRemote administrationTerminal server provides only the subset portion of the desktop to the clientmachines. NT supported only one type of storage media, i.

You can change your ad preferences anytime. Suitable for smaller organizations. Mcse Full Notes Pdf Download. NAT enables one way communication. Dwonload on the dotted tabBrowse. It does not increment the USN values of the objects afterrestoration.

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On DC logon as a userDisabling password complexity policy: Remove them from Saved? Forest wide Master Operation1. Collections of users, computers, groups etc. It is divided into two parts. It is a new feature in Class A network with Class C network etc. A user with a local profile will not be loaded with a network profile when he logson from another machine.

It was basically implemented in IBM networks. GetType the filename to be downloadedType the filename to be saved as same file name Uploading a file from command linePutType the filename to be uploadedType the filename to be saved as same file name Downloading multiple files: It is a process of protecting user data or system state data on to separate storagedevices.

It is a type of roaming profile but settings are not saved when a user logs off. There can be only one schema master in the entire forestDomain Naming Master: Creating a user home folder in a serverOn member serverCreate a home folder for user1Share itPermissionsRemove everyoneAdd administrator and user1Give full control for both You just clipped your first slide!

It is a proprietary protocol of Novell NetWare. Multi Station Access Unit It is a unit inside which a logic al ring is formed. The primary functions of GCTo maintain universal group membership information, to easily locate the objectswith in the AD.: Assigning Delegate control for sub administrator. We can add NT, flavors in networks.

Interconnection of LANs or MANs locatedwithin the same geographical area or different area it depends ontelecommunication services. Raising Domain Functional in both the machines: There are a few typesof resource records. Like oracle, SQL and exchange etc.

It is an address burnt in the NIC by themanufacturer. Additional domains in the same domain tree are child domains.

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DLG used for setting permission on resourcesGG: Creation of isolating ftp usersCreate 2 users in ADOpen E driveCreate a root folderIn the folder create a subfolder named as our domain name without extension ex. Home folders are separate folders where users save their data and protect theirdata from other users every user can have one home folder either on the serveron the local machine.

If the home folders are created in the local machine backing up is not that easy. Are you sure you want to Yes No. MAC address is of 48 bits in the farm of Hexa decimal. It is a profile loaded for the user and saved in the local hard drivewhere the user works.

Users do not lose their data Implementing folder redirection: Using group policy we can implement security, policies,software deployment, folder redirection, Internet explorer maintenance.

T ypes of Networks. Secondary zones provide fall tolerance and load balancing to the primary zone. Where frew scope options are limited only to that scope.

Net bios names are the names assigned to network nodes. Close Dialog Are you sure? Taking a back up of noted state data: By default UGs are not available because the O. Zone is a subtree of DNS database.

Useful when we do not want our DNS maintain outside our network hostinformation. Verifying the type of the profile: